New Player Guide {v1.81} Part 2

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New Player Guide {v1.81} Part 2

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Thu Mar 29, 2007 8:08 pm

New Player Guide {v1.81} Part 1 HERE

=========================================Section Ten========================================


What is an Asshat? Well it is from the slang expression "Having one's head up one's ass," thus, wearing
the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or bumbling, who don't understand
what is going on. Another word you could substitute is 'Noob', not to be confused with 'NewB'.

Online gaming has and will always have a long history of Asshattism, many many Ass-hautistic people are born every year and the disease spreads. If you think you are an asshat or perhaps a loved one is... I heartily endorse and support sterilisation. There will always be the fine line between Naivete and intentional asshautism. People will always think it's fun to ruin the fun of others. The other side of this coin is, of course, people who just don't know any better. That's where this small guide comes in.... the UT Etiquette. It is not designed to give you a complex about offending existing players. It is designed to explain why people on the server will act/react certain ways and what you can be aware of as a new player. Fear not, people are patient and good, and as long as you show that you are willing to listen and learn, they will help you learn the etiquette

Many players will be completely unfamiliar with the community we have established here at Monster Madness and as such will not understand why some people on the server react the way they do. The number one rule about etiquette is: Pay Attention. People are better than they are worse and regular players are used to new players making mistakes and having a long learning curve. We were ALL there once. If someone tells you to do/not to do something, don't be prideful about it, in all likelihood they know something that you do not.

We have a long list of things that are generally accepted as either rude as hell or quite annoying. Please read them and realise that if you do any of them, you might suffer from Asshautism:

-Not Listening. In the game there is a lot of shit going on. Only a few players have the ability to read 100% of the chat and follow what is going on at all times. No on expects to be able to have a mental layout of where everybody is and what they are doing. However, the game has a built in system to allow you to confirm exactly what people have said. Simply press f2. Voila! Everything that has been entered into the chat since you joined the game is right there. Often someone will ask for a Wop by saying 'Any flak wop'? And 5 asshats ignore the fact that it was a question and will spend the next few waves saying “Who had the flak wop, I want it, I cannot live without it.” Had they been listening they would have saved themselves much grief and caused less grief themselves. Another example is when a new player asks a question, and it is promptly answered, often by more than one person and often in a variety of manners, only to have the new player ask the exact same question again. The annoyance of this is obvious. Players who do not listen after asking a question prove to the community that they are not willing to become a valuable member of the server, and that it's okay not to help them further.

-Bullying. When you are new in a venue it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes people with experience on the server will simply assume a new player doesn't know what they are doing and will hound them for power ups, artifacts that the new player may have accumulated. Just because a player is a higher level and has more experience entitles them to no special treatment. A player who browbeats and bullies someone of lower level is an Asshat. It is never alright to promote the idea that new players should give everything they collect to higher level players. It is not alright, ever, to get mad at a new player because they decided to keep weapons or items to themselves. Naturally many new players will not know what the items do, or why people are being so demanding of them. This is a common sense issue. Just keep in mind that there is an artifact limit, and as a new player you should make sure you are not holding more things than you need or you can really handle. But do not fall victim to bullying about it by higher level players.

-Begging. This game is fun, it's really fun. Getting power ups and artifacts and killing filthy aliens is like a high of it's own. But do not let that get the better of you. The more you actively take part, the more you kill and play, the more stuff you will get for yourself. At the beginning it isn't common and it's natural to want to ask other players for assistance collecting the power ups and artifacts you want to play with. But keep it reasonable. You will find it far more fun to go out and get your own powerups than it is to beg them from others. Often people will offer spare powerups once they have collected what they need, this is enough. Some people beg for the same things every single maps, trying desperately to make themselves bored of the game because they are unwilling to try different tactics and excrement with different weapon/wop setups. These people annoy most players and also tend to frustrate themselves. They often begin to bully and blame other players when their begging is unanswered. Avoid doing this and you will learn to enjoy the game much much more. People will chat-mute beggars, and then you will never know when they have have spare PU to share, or a good weapon they are willing to jug. If you get yourself muted by a higher level player, it is rarely because they are being unreasonable it is because you were being an Asshat.

-Sharing. There is no rule that you have to share. We have a commonly accepted system for sharing (Jugging/tossing) but no one can MAKE you share. No one should make you feel guilty for not sharing either. If you want something that someone else has, and they are not willing to share it with you, they are NOT being an asshat. If you proceed to harass them about it, announcing to everybody just what you think of them for not sharing, then you are the Asshat. Now if someone is willing to share, remember that they were never obligated to do so, and throw them a 'ty' or a 'thanks.'

-Playing the 'Wop' game. This game is about progressing in a team-based environment through progressively more difficult waves in order to win the map and earn XP. It is facilitated by many powerful weapons and artifacts. Many many new players fall into the mentality that the game is about building big bad ass wops every map. They get mad when they do not get the PU they want and they constantly beg for wops because they are too low level to keep them; losing them after dying every wave and then begging for a jug immediately upon respawn. This is Asshautism. The game is not about wops but with wops. Sometimes high levels will go map after map without using a wop simply to avoid being begged for a jugs, or to re-enforce the point that you do not need wops to be a successful player. This extends to player who join the server and just say 'WOPS?' before even offering any sort of greeting.

-Blaming. From time to time there are players who think that they are 'owed' certain things because of how they have chosen to play the game. Even to the point of blaming other players when they die. An example of this would be a player who really wants to globe but cannot find enough Energy Power Ups to do so successfully. Blaming everyone else for their death or the loss of a map because they were not having their preferred set up facilitated by the other players. Theses people are Asshats and if you put them on your ignore list, no one would blame you.

-Common Sense. No one really has it, they just have the ability to recognise certain things as being common sense. It is not okay to run around with a misfortune weapon destroying everything you see. It's not okay to push people off great heights to their deaths. These are preventable with an ounce of common sense. If it's something that would really piss you off, don't do it to others. You may not believe in Karma, but that doesn't prevent Karma from being a bitch.

-Pay Attention. This cannot be mentioned enough. Where you are in the game can affect other immensely. While it is not fair and quite impossible to know what weapon everybody is using at all times.... it's is fair to assume that if you knowingly jump infront of someone using a Rocket Launcher that you might make them hurt themselves. Yes they chose, perhaps poorly, to use that weapon where they are, but you can be situationally aware enough not to leap in from of someone spamming monsters with a Triple Damage running. Also included in this is paying attention to the chat. If two people have agreed to meet up and exchange on PU, it isn't wise nor very nice to run between them or stand too close to them. People don't get mad 'Just because' on the server. If you all of a sudden have a bunch of people yelling at you or hitting you up with kickvotes, good chance YOU are the asshat. If you stop and ask “What did I do????”, listen to the response. Everybody gets one.
Now go play the game! Only you can stop the relentless hoards of filthy monsters!
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