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extra slots

Post by Gothicize » Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:37 pm

For all those who keep insisting they have a extra slotted weapon: If you get a weapon of power then that is a normal one not an extra slotted one. The only way for you to have one that is extra slots is if someone used a gold kit on it which will have twice what it would have if it were a normal weapon of power. So I say it again for the slow people if you don't gold it then its not extra.

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Amy Infless
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"extended" extra slots

Post by Amy Infless » Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:26 am

yeahyeahyeah... i allways wonder the same players announcing every game the same ext 10 wop and then its just "only" a reg... (oh and btw, only because of loading a flare-pu in a rocketlauncher+10 ext doesnt turn it into a flarelauncher + 10 ext....)

just a sidenote:

there exist something like "extended" extra slots...

because of most only want to (or "can" only) play with the best highnumbered and fully "extended" wop, nearly noone knows this:

if you have a regular flak of power +2 it has xxx (i never counted) slots.
if you gold a flak of propulsion +2 for example you have MORE slots
than with the regular "flak-wop+2".

but what do i mean with "extended extra slots"?

well, this is a little nearly unknown "feature".
maybe those who golded a lower numbered weapon sometimes
wonder, if they are killed by monsters, and respawn next wave,
suddenly there is one more open slot in the WOP, and its still the same
"flak of power <anything> ["extended"]" , but you are sure
you loaded it full.

if i remember right these are the "rules":
suicide doesnt work in that case, you have to be killed.
if you have a golded lower numbered weapon, its "extended".
if you purple this "extended" WOP, in our example from a flak +2
in a flak +3, it "loses" its <extended> status!

just think.

a golded weapon +2 has MORE slots than regular WOP +2.
a golded weapon +2 and purpled 1 time is a WOP +3, but
this "purpled WOP +3" has NOT the same numbers of slots
like a golded weapon +3 !!!

so if you die with a golded and purpled WOP, you "earn" one more
slot, so NOW you can "really" say you have a "flak of power 3 <extended> " because NOW it REALLY has more slots..

so, dont care about golding low-numbered weapons, with "luck"
(to be killed many times) you will get some slots "back" (when you
purpled it before!), this is not a bug, its just a little small nearly
unknown "bonus"-feature..

h.m.m.m.... maybe there are other reasons for when it works or dont
work, feel free to correct or update this!
(in praxis it work "sometimes" for me, i still dunno if there is a limitation
to it like one or two times per map...)

Do not try kill THIS bug !!! ->Image Your monitor may not like it...

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Post by {OF}Blong » Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:45 am

Amy I noticed that the other day when I golded a RL. I Loaded it up and then on like wave 16 I finally died (yes I am finally getting better haha) and when I respawned wave 17 I had another slot open. I just thought maybe I had somehow accidentally put on a pu that gets removed when I die.

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Amy Infless
UT2004 Server Admin
UT2004 Server Admin
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Post by Amy Infless » Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:35 am

there are only 2 pu´s getting "lost", depends on sitiuation.

summon; when you summoned the wep next wave 1 slot free
or you die with a loaded summon. will be lost cause of death.
so the slot is free too.

i guess its a 1:1000000-chance-situation, when you reload a wep, and someone tossses you a summon while doing that, and you didnt recognice it and load it "by accident" and wonder why you have one more slot...

and retention, when last wave (20) starts, all retentions from every wop
will be removed (1. noone dont need it anymore, 2. i remember something
like "less pu´s, less cpu-stress" or something like that, to lazy for searching)


ps: theres a 3. pu which "disapears", mini-ssr-pu, but it doesnt need a slot!
(well maybe but you got it back in the moment the mini changes into the mini-ssr...)

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Post by Archangel » Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:55 pm

Haha......The experienced players should wait until a few have been passed out if a noob is announcing the weapon.

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