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Post by MADWAR » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:45 pm

MAN-BEAST'S PLAYER'S MANUAL SERIES TO MONSTER MADNESS RPG (1.79) "Undergrad student of gib-U Traditional College" (college directed by Dean: gibletboy)


This is gonna be a head-ache to read, but it's a lot of info.

1. Power-Ups and Artifacts
1.1 Damaging Power-ups
1.2 Effect Power-ups
1.3 Weapon Power-ups
1.4 Artifacts
2. Guns
2.1 Gun Listing



1. |Power-ups and Artifacts|

NOTE: Powerups Freeze, Null Entrophy, Knockback, Propulsion, Stone and Pull Forward cannot be used all on the same weapon and superforce cannot be used with Propulsion.
NOTE: Speed powerups cannot go onto SuperWeapons.
NOTE: Remember, 5 single damages first THEN the damage 5.


1.1 |Damaging Power-ups|

Slots used/Type Max
1/10 - Damage - 10% damage bonus
1 - Damage 5 - 50% damage bonus
1/5 - Poison - 10 damage for 2 seconds
1 - Poison 5 - 50 damage for 2 seconds (A useful mini-vamp on some monsters)
1/10 - Rage - 10% damage bonus, 10% damage dealt back to YOU

1/3 - Freeze - 5% damage bonus, briefly stops some monsters (works well on MP5)
1/3 - Knockback - 3% damage bonus, knocks monsters away, more knockback ups increase frequency of knockback
1 - Propulsion - 5% damage bonus, knocks monsters REALLY far away. Be careful, don't throw a monster into a player and kill them.
1/3 - Stone - 3% damage bonus, barely stops monsters even with all 3.
1 - Vorpal - Gives your gun a chance to instantly kill a monster.

1.2 |Effect Power-ups|

Slots used/Type Max
1/10 - Pull Forward - Each powerup increases how much a monster is pulled to you, most of the time throwing power-ups your way if you kill it.
1/3 - Null Entrophy - Stops most monsters briefly, useful against jumpers and fliers as it makes them fall after being shot usually.
1/5 - Retaliation - Deals back 5% of damage dealt to you, without reducing the damage dealt to you.
1 - Retaliation 5 - Deals back 25% of damage dealt to you, no damage reduction.
1 - Retention - This will allow you to keep a weapon after death and is removed automatically on Wave 20, since it is the last wave.

1/5 - Protection - 10% total protection from weapon fire per power-up.
1 - Protection 5 - 50% total protection from weapon fire.
1/2 - Rock Shield - 50% protection from a Titan's rock. Two make you immune to rocks, completely. (you can still get hurt from bbq titan though. The fiery one.)
1/2 - Instagib Shield - 50% protection from wands specifically. Two make you immune to wands.
1/10 - Reflection Shield - Increases the chance of any energy weapon bouncing off you harmlessly. Lazers, turbo lasers, link guns, shock rifle, lightning gun.

1/2 - Redeemer Shield - 50% protection from redeemers, two of these make you immune to redeemers. (wow)
1 - Vortex Shield - 50% protection from a vortex. Usually just means you can respawn after getting sucked into one, if you've the ability or artifact.
1 - Fly - You move around like you're in a zero gravity environment and nothing knocks you around, useful for some maps. (indefinite use)
1 - Penetrating - Shock/Mini/MP5/Benelli/SSR/SSR mini light+heavy/wand/turbo laser/lazer - Makes your fired projectiles go THROUGH monsters and players.
1/15? - Heal - The first 5 powerups can heal 50 points past you or your bud's max health, then its 10 extra health per powerup 6-10. You really only need 1.
1 - Health Regenerator - Crouch and this thing will heal you 5 points of health every 2 seconds.
1 - Shield Regenerator - Crouch and this doodad will build up 5 points of shield every 2 seconds.

1 - Invisibility - Makes you appear invisible, but monsters still see you pretty good.
1/10 - Force - Increases projectile speed by 10% per power-up.
1 - Force 5 - Increases projectile speed by 100%
1 - Superforce - Increases projectile speed by 300%
1/10 - Speed - Increases your movement speed by 10%

1 - Speed 5 - Increases your movement speed by 100%
1 - Superspeed - Increases your movement speed by 300% (what a trip)
1 - Trophy - Gives you random bonus experience for killing a monster
1/3 - Weapon Summon - Summons any kind of weapon in the whole darn game. You can put 3 on but DONT. Its a waste, just keep it to 1 per weapon.
1/5 - Weapon Resupply - Gives you ammo every three seconds, very useful on a redeemer/ion bomber/ion cannon
1/2 - Infinity - Infinite ammo, two of these increase weapon speed by 100%
1 - Magic Powerup - DO NOT USE. This makes all powerups stop spawning, it is supposed to summon a powerup every 60 seconds, but this is bugged.
1/3 - Lucky - Randomly spawns Health vials, Health 25+, Shield 50+, Adrenaline +2 and Unreal Damage (2x damage) right in front of you.
1/4? - Super Lucky - Randomly spawns any artifact, powerup, health, shield, adrenaline pickup. It really is super.

1.3 |Weapon Power-ups| In gun order of 1 to 0

Slots used/Type Max
1 - Shield Cannon - Shield Gun Primary. Fires a paladin tank shot with even more knockback - it upsets teammates more than it does damage.
1 - Laser Tripwire - MP5 Alt. Fires a laser tripmine in a short ballistc arc, anything crosses laser and gets hit with a wall of fire. Mediocre, but useful.
1 - Proxy Mine - MP5 Alt. Fires lil explosive buddies on the ground that will jump around randomly, say things and blow up in monster faces. Comic.
1 - Weapon Spread - Bio Rifle/Link Gun Primary. Changes the one shot fire to three shots in one go, one straight and the other two in different angles.
1 - Web - Bio Rifle Alt. Shoot a sticky web of plasma, like the scorpion vehicle does in Onslaught. Slightly damaging, hard to spam it.
1 - Turbo Laser - Shock Rifle Primary+Alt. Yellow, faster firing and slightly more damaging. This is useful when monsters are low level but it barely does any

damage even with the shock combos when monsters reach average level of 260+

1 - Inferno Beam - Shock Rifle Primary. Fires a 6 pointed line of pretty colors that looks like it came out of a unicorn, its really not worth using.
1 - Shock Spread - Shock Rifle Alt. Turns one shock core into three shock cores. (Using this on a monster while someone else is shooting a monster with a mini-

ssr is a technique, they shock combo.)
2 - Darmar Projectiles - Link Gun Primary. If you're close enough to a wall, you can shoot these through it and at a monster, its almost necessary to have on

most maps because of glitched monsters. Its a good tactical choice, too.
1 - Plasma Ball - Link Gun Primary. Fires a bright explosive blue ball that can be shot rapidly and can hurt you a good bit, even with a heal power up on.
1 - Mini-SSR - Minigun Primary. This changes your bullets into shock lasers that knocks everything around. Turns into a whole new gun, dont let the power go to

your head. You can pick up another minigun after using this power up.
1 - Razor Bomb - Flak Cannon Primary+Alt. Primary turns your normal 6-8 flak pieces into 4-5 razors that do not fall after hitting a wall. Altfire turns your

single flak shell into several bouncing flak bombs that look like tiny bombing run balls. This is a good workhorse for the hard games.

1/2 - Blast Cannon - Flak Cannon Primary+Alt. Turns your flak or flak shell into three or six rocket powered flak shells that do serious damage. A favorite to

use on the Soldier monsters. Fast Firing.
1 - Guided Rocket - Rocket Launcher Primary. Holding down the fire on this thing while looking around will bring up white lock on circles around monsters, when

you let it go it will travel straight for a bit then break apart into many missiles, with one each tracking down the thing you locked onto. Weak, but cool.
1 - Flare Launcher - Rocket Launcher Primary. Fires really fast pretty blue rockets that do good damage.
1 - FireBall - Rocket Launcher Primary. Fires normal moving fireball projectiles that do solid damage and uses less graphic pixels than flare launcher does.
1/2 - Rocket Cluster - Rocket Launcher Alt. Fires a tight spread of MANY rockets in a blue like circle all at once. upgrade fires even MORE in a single shot.

1/2 - Rocket Spread - Rocket Launcher Alt. Fires a wide spread of rockets at once and can be aimed with in third person. Strong.
1 - Disruptor - Lightning Gun Primary. It doesn't work, unfortunately, but its supposed to make the monster you shot shoot at other monsters.
1 - Redeemer Shielding - Redeemer Alt. This protects you from the blast of your redeemers, does NOT shield your remote control redeemers.

2.4 |Artifacts|

Adrenaline Required to activate
1 - Double Damage. 100% more damage for as long as you have adrenaline.
1 - Triple Damage. 200% more damage until your adrenaline runs out.
1 - Enhanced Triple Damage. 200% more damage until out of adrenaline. Supposedly drains less adrenaline?
0 - Ghost Artifact. Works just like the ghost ability, sends you noclipping through walls with full health at the end of the trip. Used after your own revives.
0 - Treasure key (RED). Opens up the artifact chest.
0 - Treasure key (ORANGE). Opens up the POWER UP chest.
0 - Special Weapons Crate. Contains 14 special high-end weapons.
0 - Crowbar. Opens up the weapons crate.
0 - Mega Shield. Instantly charges your shield to their maximum.
0 - Mega Health Keg. Adds 350 health, can go over you maximum. Highest possible life is 1,000 points.
1 - Boots of Flight. Makes you fly around until you're out of juice.
0 - Weapon Repair Kit (wrench). Repairs any of your negative weapons, unless you have medic'd a weapon already then this will not work.
0 - Weapon Upgrade Kit (purple). Adds one slot to any weapon of power. +1
0 - Weapon Upgrade Kit (Gold). Turns any positive weapon into a Weapon of power, adding more slots than a regular weapon of power would normally have.
1 - Globe of Invulnerbility. Makes you like a god and nothing hurts you until your adrenaline runs out. (deathbox still kills)
1 - Rune of FIRE. Spews fire all over and around you, excellent for clearing out rooms with. Needs a steady supply of adrenaline.
1 - Rune of ICE. Hits much harder than fire and kills fast, you'd best have superspeed while using this.
100 - RPG Weapon Maker. Recrafts any weapon into a random magical weapon of the same type, save this for special guns, this tool can break itself sometimes.
10 - Medic Gun Maker. Turns any positive weapon into a Medic weapon of infinity, great way to start out some games and not worry about ammo. ability item
1 - Lightning Rod. Turn this on and bolts shoot from your head and at everything else around you rapidly, dealing good bits of damage. eats adrenaline fast.
1 - Enhanced Lightning Rod. This is much weaker than the other rod by itself, but can you discover it's lethal secret?


2. Guns

2.1 |Gun Listing|

Ammo min/max
100 300 - Shield Gun. The biggest use this gun has is the altfire shielding ability. It barely kills anything above wave 5 with primary and should just be
used defensively.

200 1200? - MP5. This gun is actually decent. The altfire fires rockets, or grenade<s> if you hold it down, making it a good anti nuke tool
that everyone gets. It is a good all around weapon that is deceivingly powerful when fully upgraded.

50 150 - Bio-Gun. Another good workhorse to use as you can get weapon spread and triple the damage it can do. Additionally, if you're good at geometry, you
can shoot it over things, or spam it at a point of a wall or ceiling to make it build up and rebound off the surface.

100 300 - Combat Shotgun. The champions choice, it does a high amount of damage with it's Altfire in a short range as it shoots an explosion of what seems to
be mini flaming flak clouds, this also makes a great healing weapon. Primary fire is invisible, instant HITSCAN fire with no maximum range.

25 75 - Frag Grenades. The most complained about weapon on the server and the most commonly spawned with weapon summons. It still has some defensive tactical uses though.

20 60 - Minelayer. Fires spider mines, altfire shoots a guiding laser for your mines to seek. Max Eight at a time

20 60? - Minelayer STEROIDS!. Fire spider mines, altfire guides them with a laser. Try your linkgun altfire on em and see what happens. Max Ten at a time

50 150 - Shock Rifle. It's usuable with low level monsters and even good with a shock combo, but it's downright un-usuable at higher levels.

80 240? - Lil Lady. Primary shoots slightly explosive rounds like a rifle, Alt shoots slow no-splash rounds that are yellow. It's sort of decent, makes a
nice sound when you pull her out too. :)

1 1 - SSR (Super Shock Rifle). This is an instagib Rifle that never runs out of the 1 ammo you have in it.

100 300? - ESSR (Enhanced Super Shock Rifle). Another instagib rifle that has a SCOPE for altfire. Pretty sweet.

100 300? - Magic Wand. The best instagib weapon of the server, it fires fast, can be a weapon of power, has an alt fire for which you can leech health with.

220 660 - Link Gun. This is a gun that has a wide range of tactics, you can fire 3 shots at a time or fire through a wall or window and it shoots very fast.
The damage is decent.

220 660 - Particle Gun. This is a special version of the Link gun that fires purple beams and balls of hurt. Altfire fires purple balls that shatter like
flak and hurt, pretty cool gun.

200 600 - Minigun. This is a medic's choice gun to medic, due to it being to spew off a bunch of rounds so quickly. The damage on it is very minute and hard
to amplify, but it does work. Becomes incredibly strong with an SSR power-up.

100 300 - Minigun SSR Light. If you had a minigun weapon of power and used a SSR Power-up, you'd lose your minigun and get this whole new weapon that turns
into a blue lightshow of pain and knockback, makes pew pew sounds.

100 300 - Minigun SSR Heavy. Like the ssr light, but hits harder, heavier and it's a red/purple lightshow of how great the soviet union once was. haha,
kidding. seriously good weapon.

200 600 - Mini-rocket Launcher. Shoots mini rocks quickly and alt fire loads it up and shoots them in a nice even lined row at a time. Decent weapon.

50 150 - Flak Cannon. Good ole flak cannon, how it has helped us since unreal 1. Shoots flak, hits a wall and starts to fall to physics a bit. you can do
some really nice defensive/offensive tactics with this if you get your geometery down. AltFire is a flak shell, it still hurts.

100 300 - Howitzer. The altfire on this is the most useful, try to stand back a bit and hit the feet right when it clusterbombs out from the first shell.
Don't try putting any kind of force on it unless you're wanting more range for the cluster bomb. Primary fire is just a single fast moving
artillery shell.

50 150 - Sniper Rifle. Sadly, this gun didn't get much attention and just cant do enough on the server.

50 150 - Lightning Gun. Same story here.

100 300 - Benelli Shotgun. This is a barely decent gun, but primary fire is insta-hit slug and it does count head shots. altfire is just like flak cannon
primary, so its kind of like a no scope sniper rifle with an underbarrel flak cannon, neat.

100 300 - Lazer Rifle. The deadliest sniper rifle that isn't instagib, shoots a power green lazer and resembles the lightning gun model. Gotta say, this is
one of the cooler weapons on the server. Altfire is scope.

1 3 - Redeemer. The partymaker. Putting on superforce and resupply is just about all you need with this gun, this is the best weapon to disarm nukes and
vortexs with.

1 3 - Ion Painter. paints a target for the pretty purple laser beam from space to hit, it does the job.

1 3 - Target Painter. paints a target for that robot aircraft to bomb things in a line with a bunch of redeemers. If a monster gets REALLY lucky, they
can shoot it down.

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Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:54 pm

Wow wow wow :shocked: . All good information I will sticky this! Thanks for the time and effort you put into it. The powerups section was kind of redundant though as I just updated the player guide to version 1.81.
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Post by ZombieSlayer » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:34 am

1 - Disruptor - Lightning Gun Primary. It doesn't work, unfortunately, but its supposed to make the monster you shot shoot at other monsters.

Actually it does work, but the mob almost always dies too fast for anyone to notice.
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Post by thegreatsmg » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:26 am

You need to fix it up alittle make it nice but all the info is there

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Post by Amy Infless » Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:05 am

well done.. most things about the pus were renewed in paintballs next patch 180 (181??) topic...

you missed some things... (ok im goin to mix this with new patch)

AK = ?

Avril = ?

Cutter-Rifle = ? was a powerfull weapon loong time ago...

GrenadeLauncher = ?

Widowmaker = ? best faster firing sniperrifle with scope and NO smoke, does much more damage
than regular sniper. it usefull till end of wave 16... in 17 (soldiers) its a pain in the a## ... game over..


reflections: Only 7 can be loaded max., should lowering "only" 70% of all beam-weapon-damage..

flak-blast: max. i ever had was 5, but i dont see any difference in its visible effect, nor does it look
like doing double damage or more if you put more than one blast in the flak...
btw. if your flak is full loaded and also with one blast, if you now find a 2. or 3. blast, you can also
load it in the flak without needing another slot...if the flak isnt a wop10, lets say a flak 8, and you
purple it now to 9, then the slot is automatic filled with the 2. blast. so if you want still an empty slot
you have to unload and reload all pus again except the 2. blast, this has to be loaded when flak is full..
dunno if thats a bug or a feature...

reflecting rocket-pu: nearly worthless except you are last player allive in a hiding place and all monsters are
300+ lvls... (one-shot-killers...) let rockets reflect from walls... low firerate, low damage, hope to vorpal

shock-spread: i think thats wrong, mini-ssr isnt shock-combo-able. think you meant if a monster is shooting with
shock also..
it doesnt matter if regular shockrifle or turbolaser, if you fire the "shockballs", and a monster is hitting them with
its shockbeams, YOU can be shockcomboed!
some underestimate turbolaser, if 2 players have it, defending a tunnel, one shooting only balls, the other only beams
then its combomassacer.. with good loaded weapons monsters hardly survive...

3 superluckies is max. same for magic pu. "do not use".. i think the non-spawning of any pus causes the massive
selftossing wops with health/shieldgenerator loaded and noone thinks about it could be possible if magic is also
loaded it can be fkd up too that way... maybe... just my opinion... btw this happens also with superlucky, very often
absolutely no artifact drops or spawns, but because of they are more rare most dont recognice...
2magic pu spawns pu every 32 seconds. 3 magic pus spawn pu every 16 seconds...
superlucky first randomspawn after ~3minutes. dont switch weapon or the timer starts new...

piercing -pu. should penetrate through shielded "refelcting" monsters with all beamweapons. can be loaded on some bullettypes too, like mp5, benelly, minigun and even flarelauncher... if it does any effect, dunno... i still like to use
it in beamweapons like ssr, wand or turbolaser, even if its only for placebo-effect, it makes me feel better ;-)

propulsion: also adds bulletspeed ~50% (like a force5)

pullforward i thought 3 is max... must try again, love that pu..
rages: 5 is max.

redeemershields, some warlords use redeemerlike weapon, kills you with 2 deemershields loaded...
rockshields, same. sometimes they dont work!! esp. when g#ngb#nged midair from rocks from all sides...
and only because they are also called "titan-shields", doesnt save you from bio-, ice- and fire-titan...

award-pu ("trophy"), is not random (for me), i only get "awards" when i recognice i instagibbed a monster
with the vorpal-pu. i get 1 exp more for that... if you like "big heads" and have slots free for that...

shock cannon (shield cannon-pu).. its a powerfull weapon when you know how to handle it.. note: heal-pu
on this wepaon doesnt heal you when you hit yourself!!!

super-weapon-speed-exception: if the ssr (its a superweapon) is a wop, speeds can be added...

im interested in wheres the info how much damage some pus do like null.. or how much forces increase bulletspeed.
superforce 300% ? well i know 10 singlespeeds is not superspeed, so maybe its same for the forces...

some things are changed in next patch... like there can be loaded (atm, if its not changed again) three
healthgenerator-pus into one wop, but now you have to play with this, they dont work anymore in other wops, so
primary use only, or if you need to hide and heal...but no fight and crouch that way anymore..

revive-heart.. if it stays in next patch it needs 100 adren to be activated...
think some artifacts also need more than 1 adren to run.. need to test it...

hm, had to much time, wrote to much too... gn8

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Post by Gothicize » Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:37 am

If I recall this was already made up in New Player Guide {v1.81} Part 1?

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Post by crayola » Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:05 pm

yeah I had showitemsdescriptions bind it says nulls add 5 or 10% per PU 3(max) dunno if freeze, stone , others has any damage% added, but effect may cause damage as well or attributes or(even if it didn't say %damage added on those Pu's)
or maybe stone , freez does add damage per pu but doesn't say on the Bind .. who knows hah

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