Bug #6: Commander Arty Strike Logfile Warning

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Amy Infless
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UT2004 Server Admin
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Bug #6: Commander Arty Strike Logfile Warning

Post by Amy Infless » Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:43 pm

Category: (commander) artifact (artillerystrike)
Patch Version: 180
Priority: medium
Bug Description+Steps To Reproduce:

when its beeing used a lot of warnings appear in logfile:

Code: Select all

Warning: ArtilleryCommanderEffect DM-{AS}-ChurchYard_B5.ArtilleryCommanderEffect (Function MMCommanderVote_v106.ArtilleryCommanderEffect.Activated.BeginState:0006) Accessed None 'Instigator'
Warning: ArtilleryCommanderEffect DM-{AS}-ChurchYard_B5.ArtilleryCommanderEffect (Function MMCommanderVote_v106.ArtilleryCommanderEffect.AcquireArtilleryCoordinates:0027) Accessed None 'Instigator'
btw. some said the red arrow area dont appear at the place they set it, or is invisble, maybe due to setting it midair.
hard to reproduce, will look into that. same goes for some but not all players see the red/blue fog appearing like 10m away
from the point it was set, and not disapearing for x minutes. still need to look at that too, will report later.

Expected Results: clean client logfile
Actual Result: lots of warnings in client logfile

Do not try kill THIS bug !!! ->Image Your monitor may not like it...

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