Bug #8: FlakProxyMines+Comm.Teamboost=DDeffect

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Amy Infless
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Bug #8: FlakProxyMines+Comm.Teamboost=DDeffect

Post by Amy Infless » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:41 am

Category: (Commander) Artifact and Weapon PU
Patch Version: 180
Priority: low
Bug Description+Steps To Reproduce:

when someone uses flak proxy mines (on 179 they were for mp5), and the commander
is activating teamboost, for like 3 seconds on every proxys "head" is appearing the
doubledamage-sign. after 3 seconds they disappear, they proxys stay.

if there are hundreds of proxys jumping around like in the following screenshot,
you first might think thats from the bug when a lucky+3 weapon was purpled into
a lucky +4. but thats not true, here are only doubledams showing and not the shields
and healthkegs, too, when the lucky+4 gun spawns them massively.


everyone saw it and we did it several times to make sure that the descripted way is reason
to reproduce this one.

Expected Results: happy proxys jumping around, teamboost only working on "players"
Actual Result: confused players, proxys with doubledams like in screenshot

Do not try kill THIS bug !!! ->Image Your monitor may not like it...

Those who correct my English will be shot! Survivors will be shot again!

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