Server Rules

In here you will find our ARK server rules.

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Server Rules

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:25 pm

Gaming Madness
24/7 Gaming Madness: ARK PVE - Server Rules

    1. Respect the Server Administrators: Disrespecting or being offensive to admins could result in a player being kicked or banned from the server.
    2. Harassment: DO NOT harass other players. Subjecting other players to racial, sexual or otherwise harassing behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a kick or ban from the server.
    3. Impersonating: DO NOT impersonate administrators or other players. Doing so will result in kick or ban from the server.
    1. Sabotage: This will not be tolerated. DO NOT destroy other tribes bases. This can chiefly be avoided by NOT luring rampaging dinos into other tribes bases.
    2. Resource Impediment: Do not block caves, ARKs..etc
    1. Punishments: Punishments are at the discretion of the server administrators or the Gaming Madness administrators and can result in a verbal / text warning, kick from the server, temp ban or permanent server ban depending on the severity of the issue.
    2. Resolving Issues: DO NOT take matters into your own hands. Doing so could result in both parties being banned from the server. If you have an issue with another player, notify an administrator either in game, PM them on the forums, or make a post on the forums about the issue, and administrators will resolve it for you.
    3. Server Drama: DO NOT hash out your drama on the server!!! We have a forum for a reason! Use the forum as your arena to deal with the issue.
    4. Evidence: ALWAYS provide evidence of negative actions by other players that you are reporting. Administrators WILL NOT "take your word for it". If you have no proof, then it didn't happen. Proof can be provided by including screenshots or fraps video of the incident in question.
    5. Not Sure About Something?: If you are ever in doubt about the rules above or anything else having to do with the server then speak to an administrator and they will help you as best as they can.
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