BF2 Team/Admin Roster

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BF2 Team/Admin Roster

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:28 pm

Hello Everyone,

Here is a list of your admin team for Joey's 24/7 Infantry Karkand Madness Server:

joey2k6: You know him as joeyz. He is the server owner and has all final say in any decisions made regarding disciplinary administration or new server features.

utPaintball: You know him as Paintball. He is joey's grenadier and admin.

ZombieSlayerBF2: Same guy you guys all know, very fair and very strict and enjoys slaying zombies.

utMobster: You know him here as Mobster. He is my personal assistant and throws me the ammo bags that enable me to be a grenadier for joey.

-|crazy|-stiffl0r: He hails from Germany. He will be running the night shift.

Please#stop#crying Not much is known about this admin, If your in game and need some help. He will be there to help.




Since we are not a clan we don't have a team. However this is the administration team for our BF2 server community.
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