Attention: Regarding custom recipes requiring old # ingredie

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Attention: Regarding custom recipes requiring old # ingredie

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:51 am

Hello Everyone,

It was reported to me that to make cement paste players engrams are correctly showing the new modded values of 1 Chitin and 2 Stone, but when you actually craft the item the cost is the old cost of 4 Chitin and 8 stone.

According to: ... ult-costs/

The issue is widespread and is something the developers need to fix. The work around is to destroy your pre-existing mortar and pestle (if it existed before I changed the recipe requirements). Then create a new one and the new one will consume the correct amount of ingredients.

Hopefully the devs fix this for the next patch, but at least we have a work around.

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